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Amanda’s  unique and depth oriented “journey of the self” coaching will bring about a radical personal transformation, helping you to open your mind to new possibilities. Experience a new level of success in how you live your life.

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Executive Coaching

Success starts with the proper mindset and attitude. After working with Amanda your job performance, sales, team connection and objectives will improve. She’ll help  you redefine how you obtain success and excel.

Life Coaching

Working with Amanda will inspire and challenge you to achieve more than you ever thought you could. You’ll experience change even after the first session.  Within a few weeks, life coaching will positively improve your outlook and how you live your life.

Relationship Coaching

Looking to get more out of your relationship or spice it up a bit?  Amanda will help you reach all you can be and transform the way you view your partner and how you want them to see you.

Raves & Reviews

  • What can be said about Amanda Shaffie? For starters, she embodies what living from love is. The love that flows through her via verbally, physically, and energetically that she raises you up and reminds you of the truth of who you really are. She is truly a being of White Light to brighten whatever perceived darkness you are experiencing. So thankful to be on this journey with her!!!

J.Cappelli, Florida

What to Expect from Coaching with Amanda

1. A new sense of self
2. Mental clarity & wellness
3. Peace and peace of mind
4. Progress in every area of your life
5. New purpose & direction
6. New found energy & hope

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