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About Amanda

Amanda is a certified Master Life Coach who's been coaching for over 12 years.


Her unique and depth oriented “journey of the self” coaching will bring about radical personal transformation, helping you to open your mind to new possibilities. She’ll help you experience a higher level of success in how you live your life.

Amanda will support you in awakening to your life’s true purpose, and work to help you use that awareness to transform your life.

Amanda has the keys to help you discover your highest self, where you feel fully alive and every moment is filled with meaning and purpose.

Expect the following:

1) A new sense of self
2) Mental clarity & wellness
3) Peace and peace of mind
4) Progress in every area of your life
5) New purpose & direction
6) New found energy & hope

If you knew your life could dramatically change for the better by coaching with Amanda, wouldn’t you want to contact her?

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