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Divorce Coaching

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You don’t have to go through this Alone!

When faced with the decision of divorce, it is very difficult to know where to turn for help.  In the first meeting with Amanda, you will work through the decision of whether Divorce is the right solution toward your happiness.   Amanda will help you define a proper plan to stay or start again.  


In your session, you will sort out the main obstacles to obtaining peace of mind in pursuing the

direction that is right for you.   You will receive support and guidance through the wisdom of her personal and professional insight of the best way to execute this very important life change.


Amanda is a straight forward coach in this area for she has been both the child of divorce and the divorcee in her own life experience and has managed Court proceedings both with and without representation.   It became clear to her that after her Certification as a Master Life Coach that she had to make Divorce Coaching a Specialized part of her work.  It’s a service that so many people were asking her help in because it is such a common need. 


Amanda’s passion is to see individuals create a healthy and positive post-divorce lifestyle for all involved, especially children; this is her ultimate satisfaction in doing this work.   She has seen too many cases where divorce has caused un-necessary pain and hardship that has reeked havoc on the hearts of children and their parents.   It is her goal to help this process be as peaceful and productive as possible while serving the best interest of both parties and all involved.


Amanda is highly respected by those she works with, from peers, associates, and clients that are or have been involved in the divorce world.   She has formed an alliance of professionals to offer assistance in the divorce process, where necessary, to help the process flow smoothly, and most of all, peacefully.


How Divorce Coaching will save you money, countless hours of wasted time, and major frustration learning how to live your life from this point forward:

    • Divorce Coaching HELPS condition you for the transitions and process of divorce, and the processing of the divorce itself.

    • Divorce Coaching makes your divorce much more cost effective whether dealing with the divorce on your own or with an attorney.

    • Helps couples achieve successful post-divorce relationships.

    • Creates and manages successful co-parenting dynamics by laying healthy ground rules for interaction.

    • Creates a practical style parenting plan (parallel/co-operative/co-parenting) that best suit the conditions of real life in your particular situation for you and your children, in building relationships of a happy and healthy split family!

    • Amanda can serve as a conflict resolution parent coordinator to serve the best interest of the children and help mediate disputes.

Why attorneys support the role of a divorce coach:

  • An attorney’s job is best left to his/her expertise of representing your position and rights in a divorce.  This is what they went to school for and what they do best.  They are interested in the facts and figures of your case to help you win in court.  Having a Divorce Coach involved in the process helps the client sort through the important information the attorney will need, making time spent with them most effective while saving money.  This collaborative effort with a good divorce coach makes things flow smoother in the client/attorney relationship.

  • It is not an Attorney’s role to manage your emotional well-being during the process of divorce. Most attorneys are smart to relinquish that position to a professional guidance counselor, therapist or divorce coach, since this is not their area of expertise and were not trained in this area of counsel.   Attorneys welcome a Divorce Coach to allow them to put the proper focus on the case where it should be.

  • Most attorneys’ average retainer is about $5000 plus to take your case, and they bill at around $350-$500 an hour.   With this significant expense, your best utilization of finances would be to hire a divorce coach to guide you through the process and help you spend your time and money with your attorney more efficiently.  Your divorce coach will help you effectively maintain your mental clarity and emotional state in dealing with your divorce at a fraction of the cost you would spend venting frustrations of the divorce with your attorney.

  • Divorce Coaching helps clients identify, prioritize and achieve perspective in building a productive plan regarding the most important factors of their case to obtain the best end result.

Post Divorce:
As your coach, we will work together to rebuild confidence,  self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and reshape the way you see yourself in all aspects.   This is done through the incorporation of adopting a healthy self-belief system designed to help you set a rewarding course for the next journey of your life.

  • Coaching you through and after the healing process:

  • Dating with or without kids

  • Proper boundaries between children and significant others.

  • Holding the leadership role as both parents in a single parent household.

  • Managing your emotions with your X’s new significant other.

  • How to deal with the new comers; step parents, step children, significant other’s X’s.

  • How to balance a mixed/split household.

  • Mom’s house/Dad’s house

  • Keeping the focus on kids

Divorce coaching is not legal advice.

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