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Relationship Coaching

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What can you get out of relationship coaching?

1) Identity – better sense and understanding of self and role in the relationship.
2) Needs – yours and your partner’s.
3) Better perspective and clarity.
4) Developing a plan that will improve communication, fulfillment, interactions, and shared purpose.
5) More joy, peace, fun, adventure, and love – inside and outside the bedroom!

What are some things that might affect your relationship dynamics?

Relationships are the most complex and challenging. Two people come together to bring each of their life experiences into one world. Let’s consider some of these factors that can affect each individual and the relationship:

1) Type of family Unit:Traditional, divorced, deceased parent(s), adoption, same gender parents, grandparents, etc…

2) Family upbringing: values and principals taught in the home, traditions, number of siblings, split family, single parent upbringing, mixed siblings-step, adopted, half, etc. birth order of individual in the family, dynamics between parents and child and child and siblings.

3) Religious/Non-Religious upbringing: Type of Following/Church -traditional or non-traditional, church attendance and practices, born into or converted, Non-Denominational, Spiritual -non religious, no faith or spiritual practice.

4) Emotional Challenges that may have taken away or added to an individual’s validation (self worth):Abuse in any areas of emotion- physical or sexual, abandonment, sibling rivalry/abuse, split home, weight issues, eating disorders, lack of structure, lack of lessons in responsibility, accountability, or ideologies of a healthy work ethic, attitudes of entitlement, false sense of reality though an over indulged lifestyle, cleanliness, order in the home or disorder, domestic violence, personal safety- too much (overprotected & sheltered) 0r not enough (neglect), physical or mental challenges or perceived limitations.

5) Influences: Friends, Teachers, family relatives, older siblings, coaches, peers, employers, family friends,  involvement in activities that enhanced or invalidated you, family’s financial status.  Other main influences include; Culture, Race, Money, Political Views, Geographical location, etc.

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