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Amanda broke ground as a public speaker in 2002.  She has spoken nationally and statewide to groups, organizations and corporations to further the purpose in helping people better understand themselves and achieve success.

Amanda’s passion to see people go after what they want in life and to not let their situation or life experiences hold them back has come from her own life’s experience.

As a Children’s Advocate, Amanda helps parents act in the best interest of children when it comes to parenting, dealing with strained family dynamics including divorce.

Some of the topics that Amanda has been asked to speak on:

  • Make them jealous – the successful life.

  • It’s all about You!

  • Putting on your backbone with your makeup – Single Moms in the work force/corporate world.

  • The dress code for success.

  • Wake Up!  It’s Your Life!

  • Wait till your father gets home!

  • How Do I impress me?

  • Why don’t you get into something Uncomfortable?

  • Protecting the Innocence of Children.

  • The House of YOU! A Life Development program designed to help you become proactive and excited about creating your life.

For more information about these topics or to schedule a speaking engagement with Amanda, please call or email below.


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