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 Life Coaching

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Amanda is awakening individuals to their life’s true purpose, and working to help them use that awareness to transform each of their lives including their environmental existence.

Surely, if you ever wanted a person who could introduce the keys to helping you discover your highest self and purpose, where you feel fully alive and every moment is filled with meaning and purpose, you will find it in Coaching with Amanda Shaffie.

Amanda will help you turn the inspiration you feel within you into powerful, purposeful action.   She will teach you how to formulate a plan, getting you more out of life through self awareness & help you achieve what you want, by defining point A- where you are now, to defining point B-where you want to be and giving you the vehicle(tools) to get you to your destination.

What should you bring?
1) Your willingness to be vulnerable, open and honest.
2) A commitment to the process.

What Will You Get?
1) New found self awareness.
2) A live/living action plan toward the change you are looking for.
3) The ownership and full understanding of creative choice.

Be ready for:
1) The new you!
2) Looking and feeling great about the most important person in your life….. you!
3) Getting rid of all the junk holding you back and getting in the way.
4) Building a profound purpose in who you are!
5) Feeling stronger than you have ever felt in your life.
6) Learning how to flip all the negative switches into powerful tools.

To better understand the difference between life coaching and counseling please click here and go to our FAQ page.

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