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The Power of Music

After an amazing visit to Washington and Oregon, on my way back to Phoenix at the Portland airport, I came upon the perfect ending of one of the best trips I had in a

long time.

I was so entranced by melodies of what sounded like a calling to peace, resonating through the entire airport and resonated within me. I followed the music to a man dressed in white with a spirit as gentle as I have met. His music captured the essence of the human spirit in such a way, that I was grateful for the chance to meet this gentle soul.

Jimmy and I spoke briefly, and exchanged philosophy on our purpose to happiness, and since, I carry his light with me in the music that will forever capture that moment we got to meet. I bought the Grace cd, and have enjoyed the “Introflective” experience. It’s a word that I made up that describes the meeting of light and sound in our essence.

Thank you Jimmy!

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