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1. What is the difference between Counseling and Life Coaching? How do I know which is right for me?   read below….

2. What would coaching do for me? It will help you take charge of your life to obtain the life you want to live.

3. How long will it take? Depends on the type of coaching, the work we are doing, you, your commitment and your performance.

4. What will it cost me?   What is it costing you not to?   Life Coaching is a financial investment in you and your future.  A priceless investment in your own self is a valuable gift you give to you.  Amanda’s coaching Fees are based on the type of coaching needed and is established after your brief interview with her.   Complete Payment of Coaching Agreement must be paid prior to 1st session.  Credit cards are accepted.

5. How would I be coached? Your preference: telephonically, Google+, face time, person to person, in office.

6. What if I live out of state or in another country? Amanda coaches clients from all over the world and can be booked for out of State/Country coaching with up front advanced paid expenses that includes; all travel and hotel with agreed fees for Executive, Personal or Corporate Coaching.

7. What types of coaching does Amanda do? Executive, Corporate, Individual, Couple Relationships, and Divorce. 


What is the difference between coaching & counseling?  How do I know which is right for me?

The following comparisons are drawn to demonstrate the different styles in managing life’s issues through each type of Therapist, Counselor or Coach, and even the different kinds of Clients that might see them in their approach to address a life problem. 


It isn’t about one being better over the other, it is really just up to the individual’s preference in how to manage a life situation they are dealing with.   Both Counselors and Life Coaches offer valuable information or tools to anyone wanting to make personal progress, but each has a very different style in how this is done.


1) In Coaching, individuals take a pro-active approach in elevating their quality of life.  These Individuals are not always necessarily dealing with an unhappy life, but seeking to get more out of the life they are living.  They come with an eagerness to live an even fuller and more meaningful life.  Their attitude is primed to learn and grow uncoerced.

2) In the Life Coaching Model, powerful specific questions are asked by The Coach/Amanda to guide you into your own awarenesses about yourself.  You discover why you are dealing or repeating behaviors that keep you from moving ahead in your life.  Amanda helps you come out of the story and go into the core reason of why the experience ever happened.  All the answers are found within you, Amanda just draws them out, giving you back a new awareness of yourself so you can stop self destructive behavior.

3) When you do the work in your own journey of self discovery, guided by the coach, you learn how to be the master creator of building the life you want.  In this process, individuals have shared that it has been more beneficial for the mind to discover things for itself, so the mind can better know itself, thus, teaching individuals to learn how they have played a role in the experiences that they had and are experiencing (often recycling), and how their new awareness can change their future choices and events of their life.  Once again, clients take ownership of the life they are living, to the life they want and can live.  Here, truth, responsibility and accountability falls on the individual.

4) Those involved with a life coach are seemingly always willing to embrace that they are working with one, and proud to share that they are.  It truly resonates in a positive light all the way around and much similar to having a personal trainer at the gym.  Most individuals’ encounter their circle of family and friends in support and admiration to celebrate their loved one actively progressing on a personal level.  This sends the message that they are building their life in a positive way.  I have yet to see one of my clients avoid me in public, it’s often the opposite. They can’t wait to voice, ” Hey! That’s Amanda my Life Coach” in which they often introduce me and aren’t at all embarrassed by the connection.  Ya Gotta love that as a Coach!


1) Counseling is often sought from a reactive state when dealing with problems or issues sabotaging life’s progress and happiness.  This is not always done by proactive measures but sometimes as a last resort of desperate need to fix a life problem.

2) In Counseling Therapy, the therapist, whether that be a Counselor, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, will analyze and make discoveries of the issues you are dealing with and offer you advice as to how to remedy them.  In this style of therapy, a lot of time is invested in the stories of what brought you to the state you are currently living in.  This process can last months to even years of therapy before reconciling these set backs in life depending on how deeply rooted they are and needs to be resolved before moving forward.   Counseling is a better avenue if this is the need of the individual seeking help.

3) The discovery of awareness-es and the responsibility to solutionize the problems in counseling styles of therapies, usually fall upon the therapist . Thus, the individual’s ownership of accountability becomes watered down, and such, his/her ability to recognize the creative intention that brought these issues about becomes hidden in the back ground.

4) Counseling have the tendency to take on a negative stereotype, which is unfortunate because the help is valuable, and can sometimes be an embarrassing admission for individuals needing help.   It sends the message to outsiders that one is troubled and encountering serious life problems.  Again, this can be tough on an individual’s attitude and mental strength, not to mention the impact on their heart, when seeking to better themselves and live a better life.

Remember the story of giving a man a fish vs. teaching him “HOW” to fish? If you teach a man how to fish, he will eat for life. If you give a man a fish, he continually will return for more when he’s hungry. He will never learn the strength within him to be an independent master of his own creative power.

Life coaching by design is to help with empowering and strengthening vs rescuing and enabling.  You have to decide after reading the above comparisons if Life Coaching fits your style of personal progress.   It is a more aggressive approach and in some cases, counseling and coaching can offer a great collaborative method to helping you resolve deeply seeded hurts to proactively working toward a brighter future.

AMANDA’S GIFT TO YOUR SUCCESS:  A 20 minute complimentary phone consultation with Amanda for you to see if this is the direction you want to pursue.  

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